How to Fake a Doctor’s Note

Do you feel like taking a day or two off of work to hit the beach? Or are you suffering from the world’s worst hangover? Work and school can get in the way of your plans. You work to live, you don’t live to work so sometimes you just need to take some time out for yourself. Employers can be notoriously difficult when it comes to taking a few days off and trying to deal with them can be a daunting prospect.


This is where the fake doctor’s note comes in handy and we will show you how to fake doctors note. Get your best ‘sick voice’ ready and prepare to give your boss a call to let them know the doctor has signed you off from work for a day or 2 because of some type of sickness. Is it ethical or the right thing to do? Absolutely not. But we all need time away from work and in this life the only person who can get you what you want is yourself. You spend the rest of the year slaving away for your employer or at school so indulge yourself in some you time and fake it.


Note: Any consequences such as dismissal, reprimands, and warnings from using a fake doctors note are at your own risk. If you are going away to enjoy yourself be sure not to post any pictures or statuses online that your sneaky employers may be monitoring. Even your colleagues could drop you in trouble if they see something. Jealousy is a bad trait many people carry so be careful.


The first thing to do is get yourself online and a quick search will bring up plenty of websites that offer templates for printing off fake doctors note or give advice on crafting a doctor’s note. You could try here for advice on the latter. Obviously, you want to find one that is customizable so that you can enter your actual surgery’s name and address into the business heading section. Providing a sick note from a doctor in another country is not going to cut it. Also, make sure to give your doctors name. Your boss cannot call to verify the note due to patient confidentiality and data protection acts.


Next, you want to use black ink to scrawl your letter from the doctor. Be sure to use a slanted font that makes use of joined up letters. Doctors are famous for their almost unreadable handwriting. Make sure to include what is wrong with you such as ‘suspected gastric infection causing diarrhea and cramps.’ Keep it simple enough that you would be expected to be better in a few days but not so simple that you would be expected to work still. Diahreah works well because bosses don’t want to discuss toilet problems with staff, nor can they see it.

As a final note, when printing off your sick note do not present it on high-quality paper. Doctors use cheap paper as a cost saving method, so the cheaper and poorer the quality, the more likely it is to pass off as the real thing.